She is Switching to Time Warner

Anyone who knows me knows that I am going to get the best deal possible for anything I am interested in. When any of my friends or relatives need help in selecting something, they usually come to me since they know I don’t mind helping them. I have a bit of a reputation for steering people in the right direction on a number of things, so it did not surprise me when my neighbor asked me if florida time warner was a good choice as her Internet provider. She did have satellite Internet, but they wanted to charge her a small fortune for a service call to repair the dish.

I told her that it would cost her a lot more in the long run if she paid for the service call, since I knew she would be able to save on her monthly bill too if she switched over to Time Warner. I have been a customer of theirs for years now, and I am completely happy with their prices as well as their service. I also liked that if something happened to the equipment, they would come out and fix it since they retain ownership over it rather than me.

She liked that option because of how much a service call costs since she owns the satellite equipment herself. I was able to show her the promotional prices that Time Warner is offering new customers, and then I showed her how much she would pay once the promotional period had ended. I just like people to know everything about whatever I am suggesting to them, and I was glad to see she was so happy with this information. Instead of a technician coming out to fix her dish, a Time Warner tech is coming out to install a new Internet connection for her.