Got My New Place Here on the Border

I am living out in the middle of the badlands I suppose right now, or at least I am about an hour South of Oklahoma City living on a little house on this farm. It belongs to a friend of my dad and he wanted someone to live there to look after things. No one is running the farm right now and obviously there is a lot of stuff that can go bad if you leave things unattended for too long. I have found some oklahoma cheap internet and I am hooking up a satellite dish tomorrow. Of course I am not that far from where I work either. If I had worked a long way off from here I would not have been interested in this place, but it is pretty nice under the circumstances. The only problem is that my girl is living in Stillwater right now and I have to drive a long way to go see her. Of course she is going to graduate from OSU before too awful long and so that will be nice.

In the meanwhile I am pretty much just taking care of this farm in exchange for rent. I told the guy that I would do that for him and show the place to people who come by to look at it. There is not much wrong with it as a farm, but the fact is that the land is about too valuable, because there is a highway on each side of the place and you could easily put a nice big factory here. That is the idea at least. The guy who bought the land has been trying to convince people that it would be perfect for building something like a car factory or that sort of thing. I just watch the place though.