Great Shutters in Orange County

I have owned my house for 23 years now, and it is still a nice house. I thought about buying a new house for quite awhile though, because the house is old. But after a lot of careful consideration, I have came to the conclusion that I do not want to move, because I really like the neighborhood that I live in, and the surrounding area. It is a great place to live. So in lieu of buying a new house. I am going to buy some shutters, do some other renovations, and just generally remodel the house so that it does not look its age.

One of the first things that I am going to have done, is to get the house painted on the exterior by a professional. It is sorely in need of a new paint job, as it has been years and years since we last had that done. I almost thought about putting aluminum siding on the house. But I think that the wood looks nice, and I do not want to cover that up. Anyway, the shutters are also at the top of my list, because I have wanted to have them on my windows for a long time.

I just never really wanted to fork up the money to pay for them. I think it might be kind of expensive to get all of the windows done, but I have decided, that if we are going to get any of the windows done, then we might as well get them all done. That does not include the windows that are in the breakfast nook, because I think that would just look silly. So that is definitely going to be excluded. But all of the rest of the windows will need them, and I need to count how many there are.