Just Got the New House Closed

It was a lot more complicated than we were hoping it was going to be, but we have the new house now. We have to do a lot of things still and we are not sure what to do first. At the moment we are thinking about home security, because we are a little bit concerned at the fact that this place is stuck back off of the road a good bit. In fact from the road you can not even really tell that there is a house there. It looks like an old dirt road going back in the woods, and it almost is really. So once we go off to work we are are afraid that a thief could come up there and take what they wanted with no one to see it. Of course a good thief is going to be able to do a lot of things even if you take precautions.

You get the home security system mainly to deter the thieves. You can probably just have a sign and that is going to slow down a lot of people. It says protected by ADT and even if that is a big fat lie, the thief still has to respect the lie. Of course if the alarm goes off it is going to send out a message to the local police department and that is going to send them running. In this case it is probable that we would be a long way from a response, because this is not a very heavily populated area of the county. We are sure that most of the sheriffs are out in the parts of the area where they have a lot more people. That is obviously what makes the most sense if you are planning things like that.