I Don’t Want to Live with Mice

I had to go online last week to look for a company that does pest control in NYC. I live by myself, and I am super afraid of mice. I know that I am bigger and they are more afraid of me than I am of them. None of that matters though when one scurries across the floor in front of me. I lose all logic and become the stereotypical woman standing on a chair. There was no way I was going to try and catch him myself, and I wanted to make sure there would be no repeat visits by him once he was removed.

That was another stipulation I had with wanting the mouse removed. Even though he scares me half to death, I did not want to be the reason for his demise. I want him to live, just in a different house than my own. Because of that, I had to find a pest control company that believes in humane methods because I simply did not want them captured and killed. I wanted them to be captured and then set free far away from where I live.

On top of that, I also wanted to find out how the mouse had even gotten in my house in the first place. I knew that a pest control company would be able to pinpoint where he entered and hopefully make it so he and his cohorts could not do that anymore. Well, the pest control company I called was able to do all of that for me, and it was not expensive at all either. They were able to remove the mouse along with several of his relatives, and they made it so no more mice would want to come in the same way that one did. Now, I can breathe a lot easier!