A hidden feature of the Phantom 4 Pro: Narrow Sensing

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19 thoughts on “A hidden feature of the Phantom 4 Pro: Narrow Sensing

  1. Peter When flying in Narrow sensing mode And trying to fly through the Tunnel I
    noticed the on the Left of your screen it said 2.5m & on right it was 1.0m so can
    you set the Prerameters of N,S, E & W or are they Fixed ? just an Idea!

  2. I've watched around 15 of your videos in a row and the places you go are
    Just Gorgeous! Man the scenery is Amazing! Thank you so Much Peter.

  3. Dude what the hell you can't fly the drone through that space? Is huge man and is very easy.. Certainly you are not a pilot maybe you are more into film making and other things..

  4. I thought this was very informative but also thought it was a little too long. I only say this for the benefit of the videographer, the average persons attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter with SO much information out there, you will get more "views" if you make it shorter. But keep up the good work!

  5. its great phantom 4 pro having a tripod mode, too bad I'm owning a phantom 4 before 4pro launched. anyway nice video , just wondering why don't you just turn off the obstacle sensor so you can fly through the narrow path without the beep beep annoying sound.

  6. Dude i have the dji phantom 3 standard and it works great but i am 10 years old and please watch some of my videos and i am good at flying my dji phantom 3 drone and i want to upgrade soon to a phantom 5 or 4 when the five comes out i will try and get enogh money to buy it and i do videography

  7. Question, at 2:25 of your video after you selected either C1 or C2, did you try to scroll down for the selection you wanted?

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. You're a lifesaver. I'll never have to worry about crashing my drone again. I was lucky to purchase it with insurance, but I was naive and bought a P4 Plus as my first UAV and crashed it into my university (after successfully flying it and maneuvering it quite easily because I've played plenty of sim driving, FPS, and pilot flight sims growing up.) But i did crash it twice already, and thanks to you I can just throw that on to get those close shots

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