13 thoughts on “A NEW ROAD MAP! | RUST update news 11th August 2017

  1. road map, one step near cars! there was beta zombies(boxes), and it was first step iinto zombie animals, zombies and bigfoot!

  2. I think it would be awful if bradley went on roads at night, unless he was given a huge searchlight and ambient noise (like the chopper), because it would be so frustrating since they want people to have to go to roads and smalluments and monuments and shit, but then you could get punished for doing so for no reason.

    or maybe he would only target people with sashes when on patrol of roads? again, like the chopper.

  3. I have a suggestion for the game since I paid money for it let me choose what gender I want to be. I'm actually a lot happier with 7 Days to Die I recommend it over this game even though it's a tad bit behind in the development Faze still better in my opinion

  4. Oh shit car in rust???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. If they add electricity I would like them to add a motherboard type thing that you can place that would have several inputs and out puts that could be simple like lights or traps or advanced like pistons(like in minecraft) or being able to protect your base in other ways

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