ASSASSIN’S CREED: ORIGINS SONG – Hallowed Land by Miracle Of Sound

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18 thoughts on “ASSASSIN’S CREED: ORIGINS SONG – Hallowed Land by Miracle Of Sound

  1. Man, your songs always get me so hyped to buy games I'd have otherwise ignored. Making such good music ought to be illegal.

  2. Still waiting for that AC: Rogue song… Ah hell with it, you make the songs you want. Not the ones people tell you to make…

  3. Still not sure if I'm going to get this game or not. But dang, does Gavin's song push me a little closer to the get it camp.

  4. AC syndicate: "Crimson are the rivers bleed our grief into the sea"
    AC Origins:" Spilling like a wound into the sea, the Nile runs red tonight"
    Very clever Gavin.

  5. I love the little references that you put in some of your songs gav. It really show how much effort you put in to the song. Awesome as always.

  6. Sharm's atmospheric backing vocals in this song are just absolutely haunting, yet so beautiful at the same time.

    Dammit, Gavin, just how do you do it, making every song you create such a masterpiece?!

  7. Honestly the overall feel is great, but I sense a more proeminent guitar lacking. It would be even better (it might break the theme but god it would be acoustic heaven)

  8. daaamn son, this is a good song! If it's epic enough to give me an idea for my book series story you know it's good.

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