I May End Up with a Full Sleeve

I have seen tattoo sleeves on people before, but never on someone who I personally know. When my neighbor moved in a couple of years ago, he had some tattoos on his arm. I had no idea that it was part of a much grander design though, and that all of his tattoos would connect to one another by the time the tattoo was completed on his arm. We got to be pretty good friends, and he showed me the sleeve that he had designed himself. While I could never imagine something like that on my own arm, it was perfect for him.

It was a mix of a tribal pattern and vines that you would find in a jungle. It actually reminded me a lot of Tarzan, so I was really impressed when he told me that he had designed it himself. He has since had the entire sleeve done, and it looks amazing. He has told me that I should get one done as well, but I knew that was not for me. Well, at last getting an entire sleeve was not for me, but seeing how well his tattoo turned out made me think that maybe I should go ahead and get a small one for myself.

I decided to get an eagle tattooed on my forearm, because I have always loved eagles and what they symbolize. My friend teases me that I am not going to want to stop there once I have it for a while, and he may be right. I have already started thinking of a few things that I would like added to it that I think will make it look even better. I still don’t believe that I will end up with a full sleeve like him, but I have learned to never say never by this point too!

I Don’t Want to Live with Mice

I had to go online last week to look for a company that does pest control in NYC. I live by myself, and I am super afraid of mice. I know that I am bigger and they are more afraid of me than I am of them. None of that matters though when one scurries across the floor in front of me. I lose all logic and become the stereotypical woman standing on a chair. There was no way I was going to try and catch him myself, and I wanted to make sure there would be no repeat visits by him once he was removed.

That was another stipulation I had with wanting the mouse removed. Even though he scares me half to death, I did not want to be the reason for his demise. I want him to live, just in a different house than my own. Because of that, I had to find a pest control company that believes in humane methods because I simply did not want them captured and killed. I wanted them to be captured and then set free far away from where I live.

On top of that, I also wanted to find out how the mouse had even gotten in my house in the first place. I knew that a pest control company would be able to pinpoint where he entered and hopefully make it so he and his cohorts could not do that anymore. Well, the pest control company I called was able to do all of that for me, and it was not expensive at all either. They were able to remove the mouse along with several of his relatives, and they made it so no more mice would want to come in the same way that one did. Now, I can breathe a lot easier!

Country Internet is Just As Good As City Internet

Living in a rural area has its pluses and its minuses. I personally love everything about it, but it took my two kids a bit longer to appreciate the slower pace of life here. I had to laugh when we first moved here because they thought they were going to have to give up their video games and social network sites. I had already looked into the local Hughesnet rural Internet option before moving, not only for them but because I needed to make sure I would be able to do some work online from home too.

They knew that we were not going to have access to cable Internet, which is what we had when we lived in the city. They were not disappointed about the TV though because they knew we were getting satellite TV. They did not even consider that satellite Internet was an option too. I was going to surprise them, but I told them ahead of time because I didn’t want them to absolutely moving out into the country. Being able to look forward to playing their games and chatting with their friends back in the city at least made the move more manageable.

I had arranged for the Internet installer to arrive three days after we moved in. That gave me enough time to get the computers and other electronics unpacked so he could make sure that everything was going to work for us. It did not take him very long to get the dish installed, and he had everything connected to the Internet within a short period of time. The kids were impressed that they were able to do everything online just as well as they could before, but I was impressed by something else. They still go online a lot, but they spend a lot more time outside now too. Country living is definitely the best.