20 thoughts on “Birmingham pub bombings: IRA suspect Hayes issues apology – BBC News

  1. If the IRA truly had been truly concerned about not harming anyone then they would not have set the bomb timers to go off between 8.17pm and 8.27pm & would not have planted the bombs unless they were 100% certain the pub was empty. – Ultimately if you don't make bombs in the first place then no one gets hurt.

  2. Criticised for apologing and admitting it was wrong. yet alot more than the British have done for their attrocities against innocent people world wide in their own countries. who's the terrorists.

  3. I have some sympathy for the Birmingham 6, only just after I read about the IRA funeral they were planning to attend. Shoot Hayes dead and accept his responsibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Coward all I can say. At least Adams and McGuiness faced up to what they did that I can respect. Now they got a face and a name some regiment old boys may take a holiday and some interest in this scum bag, show him what terror really is!

  5. The IRA were exploding thousands of bombs in Northern Ireland and England every year, pretty much all of them had no casualties this bombing is famous because the warning was messed up there was no intention to kill anyone.

  6. England has a short memory.England created the problem in Ireland,also in the Middle-East.  No punch without Judy..England sent 6 innocent men to jail,even although they knew they were innocent.The victims of the bombing should look closer to home,and ask the people who rule over them,why these bombings have occurred in the first place.Don't be getting you knickers in a twist,because of one Interview with a man who denys bombing Birmingham. Hope you people learn to question your government who contributed greatly to mass-murder across this planet,then cosy-in,and tell the ordinary man/woman in the street ,sweet fuck-all..Blame the Brits.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn: 'I commemorate all those who died fighting for a united Ireland' Nice one Jeremy, you're fit to be the British Prime Minister.

  8. Irish were killed in thousands during the wars and The Great Famine. TGF is not because Ireland has no food, they are used to feed the Brits leaving native with Ottoman's humanitarian aids. Forget and forgive not

  9. We are still waiting for the public apology for all those islamic terrorist bombings. When will be come?

  10. Murdering scum like him should being doing life in prison but of course the Good Friday agreement stops that happening .Very many don't agree with the Good Friday agreement but its definitely saved innocent people from being murdered so it has to be a good thing .Sometimes we have to hold our noses and negotiate with Terrorists if it means saving peoples lives and part of the agreement meant giving amnesties to scum like him.Unfortunately but necessary.That doesn't mean we should negotiate with the likes of ISIS etc etc because they have no political cause whatever for murdering innocent people .They just hate anyone who does not hold their views and have no compassion whatever in who they murder.

  11. Has nobody considered that this man is some kind of glory seeking nut job? Police are aware that such people confess to high profile crimes that they had nothing to do with.

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