12 thoughts on “Bite Sized WoW News – Darkmoon Faire, New wow Xpac, Sharding

  1. Next XPAC will be Old Gods and Kul'tiras will be run over by naga of Azshara obviously

    1. cut kul'tiras from whatever supplies they had
    2. naga smash
    3. $$$

  2. I gotta say, the sharding removal for Northrend for Tournament of Ages was really heartwarming.

  3. I just think jaina have to be next expansion's bad wemen. Since we dont have developed villains anymore such as arthas, illidan if you call him bad guy hell maybe garrosh he was in that catagory too he slowly turned into horde ftw fuck alliance but loktharogar to fuck alliance and all of you its not just a phase mom in 3-4 expansions. And if you compare that to jaina, she is more powerfull, he suffered more, developed slowly, and ilgynoth told us that he and jaina was planning to have a child or some shit he told us that they filled her with something.

  4. bite sized for easy consumption. this is great. I knew a couple of the things and a couple i did not.

  5. So from 40 to 50 AK there are 10 ranks of AK and we get one every week. That means 10 weeks, which is 70 days. So we will be AK 50 one week before Antorus raid, which will unlock one week after, hence 77 days. The 77 days schedule confirmed once again. Which means we should really get 7.3 around the end of August.

  6. On the artifact appearances, like you mentioned in the description below the video:
    All artifact appearances except the Mage Tower Challenge ones will be available after Legion. This includes Hiddens.
    All tints that say "with this appearance" or the like (ex. Hidden tints) will be changed to no longer require that appearance equipped to unlock the tints, just that you have that base appearance unlocked to be able to get the tints. (ex. You can use other appearances, like the base or empowered, and still be able to unlock PvP, Hidden, or Challenge tints for those appearances; but only after you have already unlocked the base appearance on those levels.)

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