17 thoughts on “Bite Sized WoW News – Mythic Kil’jaeden Race over, Warcraft Chronicles 3

  1. i would actually really enjoy you making some game play content πŸ™‚ you are doing awesome buddy … keep it going <3

  2. Time Stamps have nothing to do with the length of a video.
    People generally want them so they can return to a story quickly, to show it to a friend to hear it a second time.

    The video itself doesn't need clickable Time Stamps, you could just put them all in the Description.

  3. i dont play wow anymore other than a vanilla private server but i love all your videos and love these as well. keep em coming!

  4. This is really great for someone who haven't played wow in a long time and wants to know what's new, please keep making these small videos with news.

  5. Demons are making me so grossed out, cant there be any diversity seriously this is worse than SoO Orcs

  6. Love having these. Since im on private servers never know whats going on but short video like this makes me care enough to find out

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