10 thoughts on “BKCHAT LDN: S2 – EPISODE 8 – “I Guarantee If You Guys Were Females, You’d Be Wearing Make Up”

  1. Queen Hadassah is a goddess! (And we already know Azryah & Chioma are popping!) And I can't leave out elegant Ramz or Original-Esther with dem HIPS. From. Heaven!!!

  2. I wished they touched on the fact that guys like "natural beauty" but the same girls with that natural beauty went to get their face done that they can claim "natural beauty". I feel the guys are trying to be modest but are not true to themselves. The same guys that like "natural beauty" are on ig liking a caked face; you like both. The process of makeup should be appreciated because it sets a mood and expresses how you feel; they don't know the process to get the perfect eyebrow lol

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