14 thoughts on “Chili Commercial | Brawny Paper Towels

  1. R.I.P. Brawny hello Bounty now Bounty don't start acting like a cunt like Brawny or will R.I.P. u too.

  2. Bounty paper towels are better anyway. These retards at Brawny are banking on the left wing feminist nitwits to support their product. What a laugh.

  3. Company's related to Brawny: Angel soft toilet-paper; Dixie cups; Quilted Northern TP. They make a lot of shit paper.

  4. Diversity hire dip-shits came up with a great idea to short sell your stock. Genius. Full retard is your new motto. SJW's don't buy paper towels, they steal them from the parents you alienated. Fucking cunts you are.

  5. these commercials are actually good…how bout you put women on that packaging, and don't….say…anything…just do it….but keep the dude for the commercials, it's iconic, men don't demand wendy's changes to wilbur's…

    don't run the other ads, men will switch over completely, a small percentage of women will buy it, and the general public won't change

    why? because men are tired of how obnoxious 3rd wave feminism is, it's hateful and disrespectful, so when you pander to them we're not interested

  6. All the Brawny in the world couldn't clean this mess you made with that "Strength has no gender" campaign.

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