9 thoughts on “Crochet OVAL Rag Rug Tutorial for Beginners 101 Part 1

  1. I just made my very first rag rug, thanks your videos! It is 2×3. Inches, that is, not feet. My sheet yarn was 1/8" wide. It seemed like a good size for a dollhouse. My only problem was inserting stitches whenever I needed to, but keeping it symmetrical at the same time–an age-old problem, I'm sure! Thanks, Erin 🙂

  2. Hi Erin. I saw a post from someone that said they try to avoid the stair stepping look when they change colors. Do u think it really matters? Also, I wondered if u ever used microsheets? Thank u. Beth.

  3. Are you aware you are blending yarn under and yarn over in each of your stitches? Is this a planned part of how you are regulating the tightness/tension of your stitches? I ask as yarn under is very uncomfortable to me and I yarn over in both steps of the stitch typically.

  4. thank you so much for your videos, they are very Informative and easy to follow. I recently took apart a braided rug I made 13 years ago, for a cleaning and decided to crochet it back instead of braiding (hopefully the next cleaning will be easier) I've been crocheting for a few years now and never thought of a crocheted rug until I saw your videos. thanks for all the fun ideas and helpful hints.

  5. Hi am shalini from India I tried oval shape but after 6th round shape changing like basket Wat mistake am doing

  6. your work is awesome…I'am just a beginner so enjoy your tutorials…. have you even done rag rugs for center of dining table…table runner I guess its called….would love to see a turorial on that…thanks…keep up the great ideasDonna

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