19 thoughts on “Despacito – Drum Cover – (Feat. Justin Bieber Remix) Luis Fonsi

  1. Tipico del regueton empieza con algo super ambiental para terminar siendo tan seco, buena energia le das a la cancion bro!

  2. Please change the pitch in future covers. You need to change the pitch it will sound better. It fells weird at the same pitch even my drum teacher thinks the same. No hate just please change the pitch.

  3. Can you play the song Back to Hadatopia- Atlantis Chronicles? That's a song for experts playing the drum

  4. I would give you a TTly Awesome if you didnt have that damned Dallas Cowboy cap on. You wear a 49er cap and you get 10 of 10. For now it is 9 of 10. LOL!! Ya, just messing with you. Ttly awesome on the drums.

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