20 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – HOW I FARM MY EXOTIC ENGRAMS !!!

  1. They stack up to 3, the 3rd gives you a completely different boost, dont remember the name, but its the same thinf just stacked 3 times xp but you get even more rewards with the 3 stack buff

  2. One thing that pisses me off more is when people who are doing public events aren't even trying to get it heroic. It's soo damn annoying. Don't do public events if you're not going to get it heroic. God damn scrubs.

  3. I do public events up the ying yang and gef shit. Medallion dont help me. Just more blues for my inventory

  4. Am I the only one pissed that Xûr sold the Wardcliff Coil… I literally just got it from an engram a few days ago and now everyone is gonna think I got it from Xûr god dammit

  5. For me is doing strikes I got 9 exotics in 10 hrs without breaks you don’t notice the time passes when you’re with a friend

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