11 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | SOLO RAID LOOT FARM GLITCH!

  1. As always great vid and awesome video bro!
    Keep it up!
    Also ps4 man. I really wanna get this fory best friend so we van play together

  2. Hey rifle I found another room on the Leviathan where there are a bunch of lovers but I don't know what to do with them

  3. I'd rather farm public events or crucible, I get legendaries almost every public event while fireteam medallion is 2x stacked, and if it's heroic. And I have more fun.

  4. how is this a glitch?  this is not a glitch.  you're trying too hard to get people to watch this shit, and it failed anyway

  5. Can we get a throwback to your original intro of you slamming through a door? One of my favorite intros of any YouTube video. Keep up the good content rifle!

  6. Intro….yeah.. you can get nearly one of each legendarys in about a week cause there's no reason to farm cause there's not perk rng

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