10 thoughts on “Destiny: God Roll Legendary Hand Cannon – The Wail Vendor Roll

  1. Hey Deislayers!! One thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that Explosive Rounds flinches guardians tremendously making the weapon even more viable in PvP! Now go buy that Wail as its a Monstrosity ;D!

  2. I feel like FWC always has the strongest weapons.. stock .. unless you get a lucky drop some how, you
    "Deislayed" in that vid with it!!! cool stuff

  3. most definitely getting this gun! Xander always inspires me to do greater and I really want to get better with using HCs.

  4. Bro last 4 months give or take I've went off your gameplay (at least what I watch) BUT I'm a pulse rifle guy (blind prediction) BUT this hand cannons you showed me this week in this video I want to say thank you! I couldn't use any other common hand cannon use against me in pvp but this one right here yea I'm on now so from me to YOU!! keep it up man I'm getting better do to you so until the next time I watch bro

  5. I was using it all day abs you're right, it is very good indeed. It's worth mentioning too, that the explosive rounds also act like high calibre rounds, staggering your opponent.

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