14 thoughts on “Destiny god roll Wail | Can it Compete?

  1. I have 3 "god rolled" the wails but i suck in crucible so they cant Get used by the good people i think its good in the right hands

  2. I got a smallbore, luck in the chamber but instead of explosive rounds I have an either lightweight or high caliber rounds? Do high caliber rounds have a good enough flinch for it to be worth use?

  3. I have both of the recent 'godroll' wails the LITC is clutch but the RF roll is stickier, both fun guns 🙂

  4. I think players should definitely pick this one up if they can; though time's a runnin' out, and this week's Extremophile is pretty irresistible too! I'd only disagree with you by saying that if you're concentrated on combat at its range, its an awesome gun; then I'd agree with you that its not as versatile in an overall sense as the usual god-rolled pali/luna

  5. I just picked up the vendor, and as someone who has never been great with hand cannons, I gotta say it performed very well for me. It's such a good weapon to pair with a sniper. I usually use pulse rifles and scouts, but I'm gonna keep playing around with this thing.

  6. My Lord high fixer has outlaw,hidden hand, and hammer forged, and I still outgun god roll Lunas and palis so I think it all comes down to gun skill

  7. The actual god roll wail was sold a month ago and had explosive rounds, smallbore, and luck in the chamber. Explosive rounds disorients enemies and helps with damage fall off. Small ore increases range and decreases magazine size. Luck in the chamber with decent range and six in the mag, on top of the fact that it glitches and sometimes has more than one lucky round in the mag, makes it amazing. These perks make it a really fun gun and effective gun.

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