7 thoughts on “Elfin Hair Review (Ali Express) | Brazilian Body Wave | One Month Review | THE HEATHERS

  1. GREAT REVIEW!! I'm so glad I found somebody who purchased their OWN HAIR finally!!!!!! I'm getting this hair!! It looks amazing and did you have to dye this hair or was it dark like this when you purchased it it looks soooo long and healthy !!

  2. This is the best hair I've ever ordered online would highly recommend it lol don't sleep on aliexpress

  3. Thanks HuniBee for this update, you truly have helped me to make my decision to purchase this hair from Elfin. 2 questions for you
    1. Whats your take on the Loose wave?
    2. What bronzer and blush is that you have on?

  4. Thank you for posting this video!! I've been looking for another hair vender and stumbled across this company, and your video has just confirmed that they are the one I want to go with!! 🙂

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