Extended Sneak Peek: Season Premiere of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

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12 thoughts on “Extended Sneak Peek: Season Premiere of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

  1. after wAtching the episode iyana was trying to show neffe the difference between herself and the iMage she created for television ..

  2. Iyanla should have shown more compassion to Neffie. She is out of order becouse of what she has been through in life. Her man should have understanding and lead like a man is suppose to or let the situation go.

  3. I know Neffe's had a rough life and I feel for her but girl u brought other souls in proximity of your baggage, your past doesn't give u a free pass to be selfish. WHY didn't u budge when u were alerted that your husband was upstairs having a breakdown? Anyway, find healing with God & Godly Counsel & SHARE the LOAD as a WOMAN.

  4. Nefee has been through a lot in her life. Its easy to judge her if you dont know the full story of what happened to her when she was younger.

  5. firstly Iyanla shows Neffie how her reality TV persona is by being that persona personified when she says she is a nasty gutter snipe. This was to open Neffetteria's mind about how she is perceived. I was Neffie's job, to identify the poison she is, through what Iyanla was saying. Iyanla was loving and caring when she spoke to Neffetteria about her deceased infant child. So don't judge this wrongly.

  6. My only critique is that I'd like to see more people, aside from mostly African Americans, be interviewed for the show. The show kind of leads viewers to believe that only African-American families have issues when we all know that is very far from the truth. So far, I've only seen one White family featured on the program. The program could be more diverse and inclusive, although I know casting can't force people to contact the show and Iyanla for help. It's voluntary.

  7. Thank you Iylanla for not making endless Youtube videos mocking and ridiculing dysfunctional people in the community, but actually doing the HARD WORK of transforming people. At times, this work will get messy because the person may be an internal mess, but it is a love work that has to get done. Thankfully, Iylanla is not afraid of people. She is bold and fearless enough to show people what needs to change about themselves and HOW to change. You can never pay Iylana enough money for what she is doing. This is priceless work that has to be frustrating, also stressful, and emotionally draining for her as well working through this exhausting process. Great show!

  8. I don't understand why these people trust Iyanla with fixing their life. The only person who has the Power to fix it is God and He lives within u. all u have to do is tap into the Power thru prayer or meditation. he is Omniscient. He knows u better than everyone else and He is powerful enough to make u whole. His Word says nothing is impossible to those who believe. Therefore STOP putting you'll trust in this woman. it's all about rating. However God is the ONE that all about healing and the vessel He uses doesn't have ulterior motive!!!!!!

  9. Why is this guy with her if she's causing him pain..for this long !!!! and when Iylana speaks truth, the guests always walk away..then come right back !!!

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