14 thoughts on ““Flower Eyes and Needle Teeth” Creepypasta

  1. I've heard tell of these creatures, faded whispers once uttured that the Illuminati had an experimental garden. They planned to create a toxen that would subject its victims to a world of horror, causing them to take their life or worse…

  2. Hey guys I'm a huge fan of CreepsMcPasta and he has inspired me to write and narrate CreepyPastas which you can see on my channel. It would mean the world if you could check it out and subscribe!

  3. I really liked the style and tone of this one, but the "the narrator is insane and/or the bad guy" thing is overused, and it's becoming too predictable.

  4. So the story is like 90% of creepypastas, fake but is he just insane or are they real monsters in this story?

  5. It's clear this creepy pasta is about a delusional serial killer and the narrator is the actual monster with flower eyes and needle teeth.

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