10 thoughts on “Fox News Judge Jeanine Pirro Handed 119 MPH Speeding Ticket

  1. It's a good thing Pirro wasn't pulled over by the Pope-Mobile and then fined by the Pope for speeding.

  2. She is a joke. Her car should have been towed and licence revoked just like any other person going that speed. And yes, she would fit right into the slimy administration we currently have.

  3. I used to feel that way about Jeanine until a week or so ago when on Hannity she along with a guy named Jarret hannged and crucified Judge Moore on only an allegation and Gloria Allred,complete scorched earth,I was stunned and I tweeted her as many others did I will never watch her show again,she should know better unless she was threatened with her job by the Murdochs.

  4. Sounds like crazy Jeanine was off her meds again. And also tinfoil hat Martin. That's why we need a single payer healthcare system, so deteriorating old dingbats like them can get the medicine and care that they need.

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