14 thoughts on “Free J. Cole Type Beat – Eager

  1. Thinking about jumping in front of the next car I see
    Thinking about taking a gun and putting a hole in the heart of me
    Thinking about ropes and razor blades
    Thinking a line of coke might save the day
    I think it's time to smoke til my eyes fade away
    i'm tired of wondering why my days are grey
    I'm tired, it's dark, but I still lay awake
    I'm tired of having a heart and how everything just stays the same..
    I pray there's a god, This world is hell
    I pray that I'll always have me, myself
    I pray that I don't throw my life away just to see some wealth
    I pray no one changes me, and I'll always be myself
    I pray… but I never find answers
    it's like god doesn't care.
    Going through hard times, looked around but god wasn't there
    Probably like everyone else when they're around me, god must be scared
    I'm tired of people telling me "God loves you dear"

  2. I wrote 4 songs 3 months ago but faced writers block because I wasn't feeling any beat. This instrumental is really amazing and provoked a lot of emotions and thoughts inspiring me to get off my ass and write. Thank you for doing such a great job.

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