FULL HEARING: Betsy Devos For Secretary of Education (FNN)

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13 thoughts on “FULL HEARING: Betsy Devos For Secretary of Education (FNN)

  1. She better thank the Chairman was there to save her from literally hanging herself from a tree outside the hearing… and just to follow up someone asked below why are the millionaires asking for a job in the congress? Well I can answer that… if morons like Trump got to be in the White House thirsty for more power without having a DAMN idea about government and external policies who's is there to tell them that they can't..! If Trump did it why wouldn't I.. they say…! Plain sample if Devos SHE IS CLEARLY SO UNQUALIFIED FOR THE JOB… yet she;s there applying thanks to her millions…! Jezz if this is how this country will man what can I expect and this is after TRUMP HIMSELF SAID…"I have the most dedicated and prepared people…. LMAO"

  2. "I will support what the President elect does" WOW. WHAT?! So she admits she will be a slave of the President and follow orders without questioning them. Wow.

  3. Charter Schools, yes, if done properly are a winning option for K-12 students.
    But what went wrong in her home state, Michigan?
    Why is she coming across as totally incompetent?

  4. With Betsy DeVos, parents will have choice where to educate their children, and they will have higher quality public education. Betsy DeVos will bring choice back to schools, and will bring sanity back to what is taught. I've seen what kids are going through in public school, and it's aggravating to the kids, to the parents, and to the teachers who want to really provide a true education to their students. The US is raising illiterate, illogical fools because they aren't being truly educated. An example, look at the snowflakes on college campuses who cannot tolerate anyone disagreeing with them. Problem is, the leftists and statists (progressives) will be trying to block everything Ms. DeVos tries to do. So perhaps there is no hope for our children to get an education in public schools, and homeschooling is the only good option. For the kids' sake, I hope the leftists and statists don't succeed.

  5. It angers me that we, as a nation, have such a contempt for public education. We must be the only 1st world nation (I'm using that loosely) that doesn't value education. Education is what got us to the Moon and it is what took S. Korea from ashes of the Korean War to an manufacturing powerhouse. OK S. Korea has other problems like over worked population. If America defunds education even more, we will soon be just like Africa.

  6. Al Franken, you came off like a jerk. at this hearing. You wouldn't allow Mrs. Devos to answer your question, then you falsely claimed that she was ignorant regarding the topic of proficiency verses growth. Seems like you ran out the clock by flapping your gip on purpose and interrupted her so she could not speak. At any rate, you came off like a nasty jerk, who just wanted to publicly shame Mrs. Devos for her Christian beliefs regarding LGBT. I mean seriously, you could see that she was sitting there, with her finger in the air, as if to say, "Wait a minute." She was clearly waiting for you to finish talking, so that she could answer your question, but you just kept on talking, and talking, right over top of her, until you ran out the clock entirely. Then you changed the subject to LGBT, so that she could never answer your original question. How shameful of you, to treat a woman this way. Later on, you used this incident as an example of Devos incompetence. You claimed that Devos was ignorant and unqualified for the job, but you know that you are the one who prevented her from answering the question in the first place. And BTW, you are the last person who should EVER be harping about the qualifications of other people. What law school did you attend Sir? You are a damn comedian, so what the heck are you doing in our Senate? I'm sure there are millions of people who would consider you to be abysmally unqualified. But I am sure they would not go out of their way to publicly shame you before the whole world, even if you were deserving of it, because its cruel. Be glad that most of the people in America are not like you.

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