12 thoughts on “Growing grape vines from seeds !

  1. Thank you for posting the video Franky. It was very helpful. Although, I was looking for something from start to finish. I see your part two and part three videos. But for the beginning of the process, it would be helpful to know how to go about planting the seeds with a visual aid. You said that you put the seeds on a wet paper towel in the container. Does the paper towel cover the whole bottom of the container? Do you soak only the paper towel? Or do you also fill the container with water? I know this is an old video, so I hope that you will see my comment and respond. I have planted seeds in the yard a few days ago. So far, nothing. Either way, thank you for posting. ***oh, and what is all the brown stuff in the container with the sprouted seeds? Where did the paper towel go?

  2. Ty Young Gardener for making probably the only video that tells u how to do this but I do hv 1 question plz. Is there an outer shell u have to peel off the grape seeds like u do citrus seeds?? And the same wit the peach pit. Tyfs, God bless you

  3. Thanks for the videoDid the second container have small holes in it? So you placed the seeds in a wet papertowl in a container in a dark cold place first and then you moved it into that rectangle container for the video??

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