13 thoughts on “Here’s Why Suit Pockets Are Sewn Shut

  1. there are way more important things in this world than to figure out why a pocket is or isn't whatever wake up people

  2. First suit I got was for a school project. I thought everything about the suit was weird. One back pocket for a wallet and the coat pockets were closed. After pulling at the pockets they opened up. I was really surprised by that. My grandma told me the outside pockets really were not supposed to be used. Those are more of the fashion then something people use. In school I was taught the outside pockets are shut so you don't use them. The idea there was so the person wearing the jacket doesn't get pick pocketed.

  3. This is incorrect. The REAL reason the pockets are sewn shut is to guarantee that the garment is new. The pocket can only be sewn shut from the inside during the manufacturing process, not after the garment is finished. If you tried to sew the pocket shut on a finished garment, you would sew right through from front to back

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