11 thoughts on “How to Handle Irate Customers

  1. Thank you for this video. I now have an idea on how to handle irate customers if i work in a call center. Haha the video is really funny. 😀

  2. A star?? "Good job taking an hour of abuse without getting angry. Here is a fucking star I cut out of some yellow paper!"

    Btw, no customer would ever call to say "You have a gem on your team." What sort of fantasy world do you guys live in? This kind of attitude towards call center workers is why this is such a shitty job. How about treating this job seriously, training the reps seriously and compensating them appropriately for the tough job they do, rather than treating them like idiots? The customers calling in would appreciate talking to a professional rather than some student on a throw-away job. Pay the money they deserve so they will stay there longer, so they can get good at what they do, rather than giving out shitty, made up rewards and constantly circulating your employees so all your customers get when they call is a desperate student on a part time job…

  3. Wow this video is so useful and i really want to ask something special to you guys, I'm a newbie in this and I would really really appreciate if you guys can help me with my call flow, I started to work in a call center but when i'm on the call I cannot understand what the customer is talking about jajajajaja i dont know why but I feel frustrated when that happens to me because when my coach is talking to me i understand her at all, please I need your valuable help with some power phrases that help me to sound more professional and confident.. sorry for my little testament XD

  4. Sounds like this job would be natural for me as I do like to defuse bad situations. And what better way to do it with words. I have a very charming sweet voice 😀

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