HUGE MTG News: CORE SETS RETURN, No More Small Sets, Block Structure Destroyed, and more!

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11 thoughts on “HUGE MTG News: CORE SETS RETURN, No More Small Sets, Block Structure Destroyed, and more!

  1. SO MUCH happening behind the scenes. Thanks for being here! You are going to be real pumped when it's all ready to go! Also…#%^%^@%^ ANNOUNCEMENTS?!?!?!?

  2. Well with Amonket block(which sucked) no wonder they going down this path. So with big block sets, are they going to finish journey in nyx and born of the gods story line?
    Will bestow and constellation mechanics come back. Enchantment creatures be reprinted. Heroic and soul bound be reintroduced?
    Werewolf's were handled horrible in elderitch moon and shadows over innerstrad.

  3. this is great it seems they listen, im more in to the lore of the game then the competitive side of it, which kills the fun, when you can talk it to a parson who's played a while and cares so little for the interesting world's, just about winning.

  4. you know being a previous Yu-Gi-Oh player I can't help but feel like they are partially doing this as a marketing strategy to snatch players away from Yu-Gi-Oh since they pretty much took a leap of faith off the cliff and completely altered the way the game is played with the new mechanic. I'm still a bit upset with myself for wasting so much time on Yu-Gi-Oh… MTG is just a better game all around and I wish I had figured this out sooner. hopefully other tcg players will figure it out as well.

  5. can we take a 5 year break from pws in general? they've been stale and tasteless for a while now.

  6. Bringing back core set. but!! we aren't going to put in good reprints. that's basically what they are saying.

  7. finally some changes in media i like that dont suck dick. thanks wedge for making my day brighter. im pretty excited for all these changes. especially the lack of gatewatch influence and ground for fresh new worlds. ooohgg i cant wait.

  8. All I want is an improved Tibolt. Also I think I'm the only one ever holding out for a Slobad planeswalker card since he was a planeswalker once.

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