15 thoughts on “inFAMOUS 2: Good Ending with Evil Karma

  1. Did anyone else realize that nix and Delsin have the same power? Disappearing into smoke as they travel

  2. And then conduits still start popping up again in Second Son, making this sacrifice seem like nothing but a reset button.

  3. Good and Evil Cole were well written characters and it's always fun to go back to Infamous 1&2. Second Son just doesn't feel right, man.

  4. at this ending I was a like a world full of conduits, or all conduits die and nobody has super powers…… the choice was clear for me

  5. It'd be cool if in the next/future games they address the fact that cole has a brother, maybe even put him in the next game.

  6. When I first played it I remember this choice… I sided (and do every playthrough) with the Conduits because (thinking as if I'm in that reality) at the time I had no idea if that thing was going to cure anything. It is better to think logically and save, through what is essentially evolution, who you can than potentially doom all of humanity to absolute extinction. Killing Zeke, however, is still always a hard thing to do.

  7. I got a special edition with different skins for Cole and different skins for the amp but then my game disc broke

  8. I found it motivating when even the militia cheer you on when going to fully charge the RFI
    Real hero's like Cole would say I am scared and even kill them selves to save their loved ones or friends

  9. My childhood man…It actually hurts me just looking at a childhood game of mine. Remembering the past and everything. Games like this, prototype, Bo2, Old ps2 naruto games, (Yes call me and weeb xD) and alot more. Stuff like this made my childhood so much better.

  10. So, a plan that will kill lost of people and unknown if it will cure others or a plan that will kill lots of people and certainly save others.

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