16 thoughts on “Iron Fist Is A Thundering Dumbass

  1. MAJOR SPOILERS "My names is Danny Rand, I am the Iron Fist, protector of Kun-Lun and sworn enemy of the Hand and I'm gonna punch this door and destroy a city and not going to stay and die fighting the Hand because that blind guy can do it and I have money and I'm Danny Rand, the Iron Fist, protector of Kun-Lun and sworn enemy of the Hand."

  2. "My name is Iron Fist and I'm gonna 1v3 a blind man who beat the shit out of me, a strong lady and a bulletproof dude with out my glowstick hand"

  3. I recently met Finn Jones and said that I was a fan but I love the iron fist memes and he just looked down looked back up at me and said " honestly there are worst things to be." He was so nice but I genuinely think he was thinking about how fans reacted to iron fist.

  4. Man I was so disappointed in that season finale. Hot off Thrones I was expecting The Defenders to have to fight a Dragon with Luke Cage shouting SWEET CHRISTMAS! Then it'd turn out to be a turning point for Ironfist who'd suddenly find his true power, super-ninja the Dragon in the heart with his Ironfist and BOOM! Nope, we just got more and more ninja fights.

  5. Well usually when the first of something is so good the second time it comes around it sucks, but in this case the first time around it was just ok, perhaps Netflix will learn and will improve, except for daredevil, Netflix whatever u did for daredevil one and two just keep on doing it because that honestly doesn’t need and upgrade of any kind, it was perfect already

  6. I feel like in terms of fighting style daredevil and iron fist should have switched in terms of skill

  7. Everything that has happened since the Romans till the 1950s didn't actually happen. Look it up its a conspiracy theory

  8. As a fan of the comic book iron fist I'd have to say that I'm not pleased with how crappy a fighter he is. He had a problem fighting a guy with a knife in his tv series. He was okay fighting cyborg machine gun ninjas in the early issues of one of his comic book series. He had problems fighting a guy with a gun on the rooftop in the show. He fought a literal god that was the size of a sky scraper in his comic book series. In the comics his Iron fist is able to hurt the hulk. In the show it's like a flashlight with rechargeable batteries.

  9. It's not Iron Fist/Danny Rand's fault, he's an amazing character, but the people who wrote his Netflix version of the character and trained Finn Jones made him a thundering dumbass on purpose. Some of it was unexpected, but they took his traumatic past and labelled his character too heavily on that event. Finn Jones didn't do bad acting, he just did what they trained him to do and scripted his character to say, and the fight scene directors gave him bad fight scenes.

  10. Yeah I hate the way they protry hic chac.. It almost painful to watch how tremendously stupid he is..

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