18 thoughts on “Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao Knock Out Highlights

  1. Horn will get the money and fame anyway for fighting Pacman… but it will be the end of his career….

  2. This is very funny…I'll bet my house on Manny Pacquiao winning if this fight will push through…after watching Horns first KO on this vid… he's FAR from Manny… but closer to the mat… simply mean KO Horn.

  3. mag ingat ka na lang pa cman sa lucky punch ni Horn… pero kung yong lucky punch na yan ay mangyayari sa mga huling round, parang sampal na lang yon kay pacman kasi lucky punch na lang yon ng isang pagod na boxer…

  4. could you tell me who among those beaten by horn have the pacquiao
    boxing qualities? simply no one of them. I would say that Pacquiao will
    be the first boxing lost of Horn.. He needs to prepare if doesn't want
    to experience it.. Horn would still gain something if he ever lose the
    fight….the honor of fighting the legend…

  5. horn would soar up high to boxing popularity if he beats Pacquiao. For
    Pacquiao, age is not a big issue. the issue is how he maintains his
    strength, stamina, and above all, his speed. If horn would supersede the
    pacman in those boxing qualities and beat him, horn I would agree and
    it would be the last fight of Pacquiao. but the way I observe it, Horn
    is just like algieri, vargas, and the best to these two is Hatton. most
    of the boxing experiences of Horn were unpopular boxers and among them,
    he is the best. on the other hand, most of the boxing experiences of
    Manny were those who gained boxing popularity because they were best
    boxers, but manny has the reputation as being THE BEST AMONG THE BESTS! I
    advice horn, try to supersede the boxing qualities of pacquiao and I
    will assure you of winning the fight…if not… let's just see what's
    gonna happen..

  6. Jeff cannot beat Pacquiao except a lucky punch then he will win.  If Jeff doesn't have a lucky punch, he has no chance of winning.

  7. i dont think horn will last for 9 rounds,he has to prove first that he is capable of fighting manny,coz you know all his ( HORN) are just a piece of shits no name and has little knowledge in boxing,compared to pacquiao all his opponents are with names and almost all are title holders,and take note all boxers who fought manny lost there carrier.now they no longer excist got that?so my Q is who is jeff horn,hornet?wuh,you must be kidding,horn is just a bunch of toilet paper.if horn accidentally will win,i will quit training boxing /…for me horn is nothin . . . .

  8. horn vs vargas, if the hornet wins maybe he has a little bit chance of winning the fight against the champ.. boxers train hard so dont underestimate what he is capable of, if he land a clean shot on manny well see what damage could do it to the champ.. wag nyo bilangin ang sisiw na hnd pa napipisa ang itlog…baka maulit ung nangyari sa laban nila ni marquez kaya wag unahan ang laban… hntaykn na lang at manood magdada kau pagkatapos ng laban…

  9. horn. . aka. human punching bag. Jr. ang. sr. si. ..!!!!! rios. iyak. to. pagkatapos. I predict. a boring. fight!!!!! my knockout nga itong si horn. pero. sino ba yung. mga. tinalo. nya????? hayst wala nabang iba?

  10. I think Jeff horn will be the next sparing partner of manny after this fight he is just a punching combo dummy on April 23, 2017… why this fight happen why not Mr. Gayweather accept the rematch and then the world boxing fans will satisfied, just like the expectation of fight they wanted.

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