16 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson – What We Still Don’t Know About Psychopaths

  1. But psychopaths have less brain matter in the frontal lobe… where your social-emotional centrum is.

  2. I'm pretty sure there is a large range to psychopaths. Not all are killers but you do not want to get in their way.

  3. When it seems to be from birth onwards Satan, demons or possession gets the blame.
    Why? Surely evidence exists that "nurture" , even at such a tender age can have an impact.

  4. When asking the meaning of a word we must start with the word, and leave behind associated concepts. I see two parts to "psychopath", psycho meaning of the mind, and path meaning one thing. A psychopath is therefore a person who has an ideal. That definition is too broad since we'd never use it that way, so to change it in the smallest way that works we'll say that a psychopath is someone with a negative ideal. All that is to say is someone who identifies entirely with their ego, combined with nihilism. A nihilistic ego is forced to reason that itself doesn't matter, which is definitive of the last thing an ego wants to think. That reasoning makes being a problem for the ego. A psychopath is tortured by life for being meaningless and themselves for being. Their left brain failing to make life better, their right brain failing to want to.

  5. If an individual takes a life, it is Just for the state to take that person's life. But it's too damn expensive, so let's just lock them up and throw away the key.

  6. Psychopaths live in perpetual boredom and sadism is how they get a rush of adrenaline to feel alive and escape their inner deadness

  7. Prime psychopaths–born without hardwired conscientiousness–HAVE to exist for no other reason than mathematical probability. Even if that percentile is less than 1/100th of a percent, they have to exist because there's nothing in biology to preclude it.

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