18 thoughts on “Josh Groban-Thankful

  1. Next time someone starts singing jingle bells in the middle of goddamn November, start singing this song at them.

  2. This is the only song I've ever heard that seems to be specifically suited for Thanksgiving more than any other occasion (including Christmas). And since today's Thanksgiving 2015… HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! God bless! Howls ^-^

  3. I think he should have said "Each of us must find THE truth." 🙂 Otherwise a great song, beautifully performed.

  4. Josh is proof that even in a musical talent drought that seemingly began on January 1st, 2000, there can still be some oases of INCREDIBLE talent! THANK YOU Mr. Groban for making all of us thankful, and also hopeful for music as a whole in the new millennium!

  5. So beautiful & meaningful. Truly his voice is a gift from GOD to us. Praise GOD!!! Listen to the words–soul searching. We have so much to be thankful to GOD.

  6. A talented singer….love all of his songs!  Thankful for so much especially at this time of year.

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