Karan Johar Wants To Mend Ways With Kangana | Akshay Doesn’t Want To Clash With Shahrukh

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10 thoughts on “Karan Johar Wants To Mend Ways With Kangana | Akshay Doesn’t Want To Clash With Shahrukh

  1. this proves that Karan Johar is a complete psycho. Who the hell he is he thinks? whenever he wishes he will stand up and say something very insulting and nasty about someone and after few days he will come up by saying he wants to make friendship??? How mad is that?? he might be son of a rich DAD but he is not GODFATHER of everyone. How dare he told Kangana to leave the industry ??? He must publicly apologize for that first then he think about friendship with her. We want his public apology for whatever he said about Kangana before. Till then he keep on making his trademark phycho type films such as Badrinath ki Dulhania Kuch kuch hota hai . my foot. Karan Johar has destroyed the whole concept of a Healthy Relationship and Love in India within our whole generation. He should be prosecuted for that. Karan Johar is a complete psycho and one normal person must avoid him.

    He had never apologized for all those rubbish comments he had once passed against Kangana. Then on what basis he can even think about making friendship with her???? First of all he should learn what is means by respecting a Woman. Fiirst of all he should learn what it means by equal human rights.

    I doubt, this is Karan Johar 's plan to trap kangana and destroy her career in a planned manner.

    However Kangana is a star and extremly talented individual. Because of Her and few more genuine female actresses Bollywood is still watchable.

    Otherwise only sick people will go and buy tickets for mad sucking movie like badrinath ki dulhhania. karan johar a disgusting human being on earth.

  2. srk se clash se darr gaya akki kyuke jab akki movie ka naam hi itna bura ho toilet toh movie bhi aisa kuch hogi…

  3. Karan Johar is a talentless crook and sees Kangana as a money making machine. So why not. I don't think Karan Johar has any other motive. He is a fuckin' crook.

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