little boots MEDDLE bedroom version – acoustic on piano, tenorion and stylophone oo la la

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16 thoughts on “little boots MEDDLE bedroom version – acoustic on piano, tenorion and stylophone oo la la

  1. Such real talent makes me sick to listen to all the same old churned out shit on the radio when real talent gets overlooked or forgotten.

  2. Is it eck naf !! I think it's brill !! I love this Videos rawness and its great seeing you put it altogether and perform it …… Who's Gold Cat ? lol xx

  3. Still as new as the first time I heard it in 2008. The studio version is great too, but this has a greater range… captures more of what's important.

  4. Always the dream, it never goes away, I don't expect that it ever will, a dream of so pure a love stays forever. I hope you are well Victoria, i always wish you are. X

  5. II hope you are doing well I miss you hearing  your laugh you will always be in my heart loved and cherished never apart there are things in this life that we can not control others that we may may regret but some things in life you never forget I loved you then I love you now someday I will show you how I dont want to be forgotten or remembered for my flaws only want to be happy now hope you are in some way and look forward to seeing you again someday never have I felt this way about anyone were all unique but youre my Honey…. love is deep and everlasting for you I would change the definition of loyalty not because I know that you would spoil me more so cause you are perfect in so many ways in which you leave me amazed I really need you like every day I wonder how you are say hey you are not just a person  to me you are my world my whole universe say hey anything you imagine the truth is it can happen more than Ive had my dreams come true thats the truth what about you? I love you for you who are always with me and never far in spirit someday I hope all this comes true and you are near me youre a gift to the world Id be so lucky if you were my Grrl 😉 <3 Victoria you are so Beautiful

  6. This is a very good song, I like your music, best wishes for the 28th, if I hadn't booked a holiday, I would have come to see your show

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