12 thoughts on “Logic – Confess ft. Killer Mike (Official Audio)

  1. This is every hater : Hey logic is being too too real i dont want to hear about u know real issues in the world. We just wanna hear about fake shit lmao

  2. I used to be on that straight rattpack shit but I fell back off of logics new music.. not that I don't listen, I love it still, it's logic.. but it's album 3 and he's still only rapping about race most the time and small scale problems.. if I were him, I'd take it back to that real rap flow shit and balance it out.. bc the new shit is good, don't get me wrong, but I do miss old logic.. that just worried about bars not tryna make every song a bland message.. Love him, and always want him to keep it real, but tell other people's story now. tell other people's perspective

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