10 thoughts on “Loreen – Statements (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Loreen should move to Australia and represent Australia at ESC- we love great art and musical genius PLUS we want to WIN!

  2. A MASTERPIECE! Too bad the Swedes just went for a creepy pop singer singing manufactured bland and boring pop. This song was there best hope to win Eurovision 2017.

  3. Wow…this did not qualify for their national final??? Wow….sweden wtf? give us this entry 😀 (i am from spain)

  4. you know this still annoys me. This song sums up the world we live in. can't believe Robin was sent over this masterpiece.

  5. I'm sorry but Sweden missed the chance to win the esc. What a song. Am I the only one who doesn't like the Sweden entry of this year?

  6. wow….words! and again she expressed herself…That's why I love her songs because she go so deep in to the truth and being so honest about any subject….her voice is unstoppable !

  7. no, this wouldn't be the winner of ESC 2017. For the sole reason why, this song deserves worldwide recognition. Praise, Loreen, for this authentic masterpiece.

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