6 thoughts on “mature tight leggings big booty mom

  1. Anja certainly is a supreme foot & shoeplay queen , a true goddess of fetish sensuality with such a sexy body!! Great ass and legs…and those feet, oh god those amazing slender feet are simply magnificent!!! I love her perfect soles, those round juicy rough heels, harmonious arches and ultra sensual wrinkly sole texture…sooooo damn irresistibly mesmerising!!!! It’s such a huge turn on watching those gorgeous silky wrinkled soles arching and flexing, skilfully coming out of shoes under the table! I would love to see more shoeplay in well worn flats and ultra sheer nylons….and, most of all, it would be fantastic if you could show a glimpse of her face for once…just once!

  2. Mom, your big booty gets all the attention. That's OK with. me ! My place is on the f!oor at your feet, kissing your rough heels and sniffing your mature wrinkled soles.

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