18 thoughts on “MaxMoeFoe & Faceless EXPOSE H2ODelirious? FAKE NEWS on Casey Neistat, YouTuber LIED About Dead Fan?

  1. Nomatter what other youtubers say about h2o delirious i will always stand by his side and vanossgaming and his crew

  2. i bet you 90% of people who were hating on maxmoefoe and faceless are just hating because they watch h20 delirious , they obviously dont know anything about the game and that offline raiding is scummy. i know im crazy late but still

  3. i want to stay biased about most of the stuff you review but i feel like H20 Delerious is in the right he is just raiding a base in a game about raiding bases :/

  4. who fucking cares it's a game and H2O delirious is my favorite YouTuber and if u don't like a video HE FUCKING MAKES DONT WATCH and when he's recording he can do wtf he wants AND IF U FUCKING DONT LIKE IT GO THE FUCK AWAY AND DONT WATCH IT IF ITS SO BAD I don't dislike any video if I don't like it I don't watch it IT WOULD BE NICE IF PEOPLE COULD JUST LIKE VIDEOS AND NOT DISLIKE THEM that would probably make some people happy and tell them there doing a good job making videos it mean to say u hate someone or something they made H2O CAN DO WTF HE WANT ON A VIDEO GAME ITS HIS LIFE HE CAN DO WHAT PLEASES HIM

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