Melania Trump nails diplomatic first lady style with Red Dior Skirt suit in Paris

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17 thoughts on “Melania Trump nails diplomatic first lady style with Red Dior Skirt suit in Paris

  1. It's all well and good that Melania trump looks good what is she doing for the country and what is her cause?

  2. Just read that Putin used to rent out Melania before Trump met her.  I don't know whether to believe it or not.

  3. she is his trophy wife. not much brain but knows how to spend money with the help of designers and dress well. He makes sure she gets all the nips and tucks

  4. the uneducated squinty eyed first slut and the beautiful dignified first French lady.old IDIOT trump was eager to paw the french first lady.WHITE TRASH

  5. " Do in Rome as the Romans do" The beautiful First Lady looking so chic in her French styled clothes and that hair do. Even President Trump is looking good. May God bless this family nand give them strength and peace

  6. Melania Trump – 47 years old – red Jacket/skirt suit – 6 footer/shade/heels – all nice – the most beautiful first lady – still got some complained – got wrinkle on her face – don't know got go under the knife or not – Why all this people jealous Melania is a beautiful lady – so much complained – look at yourself in the mirror even one two years younger – don't tell me you look better…Some says Donald Trump not fit to be the President…Hello landslide victory by the American people – America – not that good at the moment – gave sometime – see whether can be better – just few month only…this and that…you think drink ice coffee…patient …

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