10 thoughts on “Michael Page (debut) vs Jonathan Castano 2017-10-20

  1. MVP's natural attributes of speed and athleticism, his incredible and brilliant footwork, use of extreme angles in his strikes ( and in his footwork and positioning too, for that matter..), and in the karate based style of strikes he so often throws also, all make it extremely hard for more conventional boxers, Thai boxers, and/or MMA fighters that go up against him, as his entire style, really, is just so incredibly unique….. They never know what's coming next, where it is coming from, let alone when….He's bound to stun the professional boxing world just as dramatically as he has the kickboxing world in the past, and as he has done, and no doubt, will continue to do in MMA also….MVP is an absolute phenomenon…!!….. Watch him rise to the top in any field of the combat sports… !!!…the lad is absolutely Brilliant!!….and, I believe, destined for great success….Easily one of, if not The, most talented and entertaining striker in the combat sports today….

  2. Não que o michael page seja bom, a verdade é que o oponente dele é ruim pra caralho! Parace que nunca lutou boxe na vida.

  3. es el mejor…jamas abia visto tanto talento en peleas
    ….se que puede con los mejores y con facilidad…

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