19 thoughts on “Midge’s Bump – Squeeze and Stitch

  1. I do not like the way Dr.G has to 'ask' his assistant to cut the suture, she should do that automatically…that's is she was paying attention to what her employer was doing instead of chatting to the patient. For a married woman Gonzo really needs to grow up!

  2. I love the whole team they have good banter as we say in Scotland. I'd rather have that than some stuffy old relic doing the procedure and keeping silent,

  3. there Gonzo don't let these ladies get to you .you are doing just fine and making the visit at the doctors office much more pleasant.

  4. where is your sense of humor. Dr. Gilmore and his team are very professional.!!!! if you don't like it well don't watch.

  5. I think the Doc. Is quite professional it's that stupid little girl Gonzo that I cant stand so I turn the sound off.

  6. I am in Arizona and have my PA I go to that reminds me of you…He is laid back and talks with a great bedside manner to boot…Thing is I am In Katy, Texas most Decembers to see my granddaughter Gracie…would love to just meet you I know getting an appt would be a bear…But I do love you and watch all that I find you have done…Tell Gonzo to be a PA, if she doesn't go full on to become a Physician…

  7. OMG!! Dr.G, how often does pus+keratin splash upon your office walls? I would charge the patient extra $10 !

  8. Do you ever feel your 'little young ladies' assisting, need be more watchful in how they present themselves during procedures? I wish I had medical providers more jovial and as open to this banter! However, certain comments would make patients feel more embarrassed, etc!!!!!

  9. "gratuitous repeat, possibly not authentic sounds". Simply hilarious. Love it. Liked baby op. too.

  10. From Portland Oregon, the other things that I can't watch is ear cleaning & toenails. This video was extremely funny, "Hit the deck"!!!

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