20 thoughts on “Minecraft: Galacticraft – STATUESQUE (#25)

  1. I have an idea smelt a block of anything and make more blocks out of that and then more and more forever

  2. It has ALWAYS bothered me that they make casts out of gold instead of aluminium brass. they ALL do it, too.

  3. I wonder how stupid they will fill when they realise Kim never flipped all the levers for the quarry…

  4. everyone in the yogscast needs to learn, your not supposed to just leave all your stuff inside the smelter, its meant to be used as a weapon making, its really meant to be in with other mods, so you do all your ore processing in other areas, and only use that for ore -> tools/weapons or ingots -> tools/weapons 

  5. Not to be a hater but Duncan is a noob at some mods like statues! I'm not even going to bother to tell him wat he's doing wrong

  6. Just a helpful tip: iron and gold make angmallen, so you don't want to put them both in the smeltery at the same time, unless you want angmallen, of course.

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