MOBILE SUIT DUMDUM – Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay Part 4

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11 thoughts on “MOBILE SUIT DUMDUM – Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay Part 4

  1. I have a question how come some people online have like 6000 armour? Where the hell do you farm to get that amount

  2. Sir Larr: Privileged white team leader who kills his own team.
    Val Killmore: Heavy weapons guy who has no idea how to use them.
    Callsign: Troublemaker who flies around, gets saved by his team, and flies away again to leaves his team to die.
    Sgt. Cockbreath: The ultimate tactical soldier who is the underdog of the team and is the true hero of our story.

    One squad. Earth's last hope…

  3. Always been a fan of Adam boy, but particular like him this video, really happy go lucky kinder cum on the face

  4. All you guys getting mad that they aren't good and stuff, they aren't making these videos as pro gamers or anything, they are making a video for entertainment and humor, which I feel they nail very well.

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