14 thoughts on “Muscle Loss

  1. jiu jitsu is a very hard training session. I lost 7kg (fat and muscle) . but now I am struggling to gain weight. it is too hard to gain weight doing jiu jitsu. specially if you are I typical lean person

  2. Yes, I love this.. Living and loving life with balance, can't beat that! Looking wonderful as always.

  3. I love your advice and experiences you share Jen. So inspirational to me. Thanks for being real !

  4. thanks for sharing your experience and your life changes with us. it's really important. you are looking awesome. a great hug from Italy

  5. I am 5ft 4 and a half 1 currently weigh 134 I got my tone, but i can not tone my lower abs,but I have 2 kids and my youngest is 2 so I know it will just take more time, but your videos keep me fired up.

  6. Hey #JenHeward, i have a question. i had a nice round natural butt, but since i just birth my 2 sons in the last 2 years, i noticed i dont have a butt anymore. i lost muscle, i guess being on bedrest & pushing the babies through the birth canal. is it because im breastfeeding also btw i have lost tons of weight. im smaller than before i was pregnant. why do some women lose their nice butt after giving birth? how can i get my nice big round butt back without having to gain weight back in other areas? Thx 😉

  7. I enjoy all of you're videos. You are so open and informative. And your Spirit is beautiful! Thank you Jen!

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