11 thoughts on “Noise by Kalki Koechlin | Unblushed | World Music Day 2017

  1. This might not sound big to you, but it is, this video is the best video I've ever seen (and trust me I've seen a lot)

  2. wowwww!!!! simply simply simply awesome.
    Kalki—> luv ur take on our daily lives….
    u did really take time to observe and absorb all that's happening around us in this era, where everybody is busy with their own lives, ignorant of these daily surroundings that we unknowingly ignore..

  3. In between the abandon of childhood, the weariness of old age and the yawns of adult routine, in the warmth of our beds, in the middle of this darkness, someplace far away from all these noise we are deafened by the silence of our voice❤

  4. Can somebody please please please explain me the meaning of the last line "we are deafened by the silence of our own voice" please guys!!??

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