16 thoughts on “Oasis – Morning Glory (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Spotify & iTunes

  1. better than the original acoustic .. anyway .. I have this song on repeat but have zero idea what the lyrics mean…. YouTubers.. help ?

  2. Its a nice early morning setting for the video although not sure when writing the lyrics "morning glory" thats what the oasis boys were thinking of haha, anyways great voice and video

  3. yeah, do Underneath the Sky. A great Oasis B-side. Oasis' b-sides were better than most bands A-sides. I mean "The Masterplan" was a B-side lol.

    Underneath the sky of red
    Is a story teller sleepin alone
    He has no face and he has no name
    But his whereabouts are sorta unknown
    All he needs is his life in a suitcase
    It belongs to the friend of a friend
    As we drink to ourselves we'll amuse ourselves
    Underneath the sky, Underneath the sky again.

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