12 thoughts on “Proof That Jiren Is Not Invincible

  1. Frieza would not last with hit alone .. so Frieza would have to be really really fast and try to be really sneaky to even touch Jiren , while he just got used used to fighting Goku at light speed , you would think his reaction is ridiculous compared to the rest , i see Frieza asking Goku how he mastered the technique and Frieza eventually will want to learn the technique for himself since the god of each universe fear the technique and since it is hard for them to even master , we know Frieza wants that power look back in the days when he was in that spaceship , definitely wants to rule .

  2. How is hit taking them punches? He’s weaker than ssjgssj x20 Goku, yet Jiren beat the shit out of goku in that form.

  3. I SAID the same thing if anyone's gonna eliminate jiren it's gonna be frieza because if you think about it Jiren only trains he's mind , we've never seen him train he's body , and Frieza are the only ones who've been training there mind is Frieza when he was in hell, oh and P.S Vegeta is hiding some crazy power

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